Kev Rodgers

I need to stop looking at native Gmail apps for macOS. They’re all bad and I end up going back to the web interface.

I made a promise to my wife that I won’t drive recklessly anymore. That will help me to keep it under control whenever I find myself letting loose.

After review, that last movie quote should have been: “I’ll tell you what then. Why don’t you call me sometime when you have no class?” 🎥

I may not always post the quotes accurately, but the gist will be there. And that’s well within the rules of the movie quote game.

“Why don’t you call me when you have no class?” 🎥

“Four weeks, twenty papers, that’s two dollars…plus tip.” 🎥

“All balls itch! It’s a fact!” 🎥

Moving forward, I‘m going to go with 🎥 for movie quotes.

“Or, this one?” 🎞

“If this were a movie quote, which emoji would look more appropriate at the end?” 🎥

“That’s none.” 🎬

I’d like to use the Atom editor, but it stalled on me today when trying to paste some brackets on 640 lines. It’s back to Sublime Text for me.

Style Guide

Here is a style guide for This is a regular paragraph. The Markdown syntax will make it easier to write blog posts.

Header 2

This is a paragraph below a level 2 header. Is there enough information here to make a qualitative judgement about this section? Here’s a little bit more text. I could type more here, but I think it’s enough.

Code Needed

I might write a post that has some code in it. That would look like this:

Typing ifconfig | grep netmask in the CLI will show the IP addresses on a Mac.

Code blocks will look like this:

def reverse(text):
    pos = -1
    rev = ""
    for i in text:
        rev = rev + text[len(text) + pos]
        pos = pos -1
print rev



Here is how blockquotes will look:

This is part of the blockquote. This is another part of the blockquote. How is handling all this?

This is a regular paragraph after a block quote. Nice, right?

“Always…no. Never forget to check your references.” 🎬

Something clever.